biberPOS Self Sipariş – The lived experience of your customers ordering

biberPOS Self Sipariş

The lived experience of your customers ordering

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Customers ordering of experience
biberpos selfsipariş customers with the choice of food available for the’re changing menu with android tablet
You can give your customers with android tablet;
both dishes will be able to select the order and will be able to spend a pleasant time with a tablet in the waiting
Turkish, English and German, the application can use

– Products can group
– A product under the proposed product with the desired quantity and add special prices
– You may call the waiter at the table
– Account screen control and addition can ask for a table
– Can write a review about this product
– Product can rate
– In different languages ​​for each product you can type the product name and content

For more details please visit our web page and you can try to download the demo application android.

See more information and download apk file for android: