Ethical Barcode – Uncover what you're truly supporting when you spend with Ethical Barcode.

Ethical Barcode

Uncover what you're truly supporting when you spend with Ethical Barcode.

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Ethical Barcode exposes the environmental, social and ethical ramifications of the products you buy.


• Scan product barcodes as you shop as an ethical consumer.

• Ethical Barcode will completely reveal the product’s ownership and manufacturer.

• For each company in the chain you’ll see relevant ratings, news and certifications from non-profits.

• Spanning climate change, animal testing, GMO’s, slave labor, sweat shops, LGBT rights, organic foods and more.

• With this information you can shop with your heart as an ethical consumer, supporting brands that share your vision for our world.


• Instantly become an ethical consumer by making informed buying choices.

• Transparent ratings, news and certifications from non-profits and trusted third parties.

• Covering environmental issues like global warming, ocean welfare, CO2 emissions, deforestation, and climate change.

• Human rights issues like child labor, sweatshops, slavery, LGTB rights, human trafficking, poverty, non-GMO’s and organic foods.

• Animal rights issues like animal testing, veganism, vivisection, animal welfare and habitat loss.

• Eliminate green washing and deceptive branding to clearly determine a product’s ownership.

Become an informed ethical consumer and help put an end to slavery, child labor, animal testing, deforestation and climate change with your buying power.

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