Vásárlástervezés – Additional software, see: http://www.digimuhely.hu


Additional software, see: http://www.digimuhely.hu

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Customer Loyalty community members to help the program.
I illustrate the benefits of Lyoness use it successfully.
The first page of your költésünkből returned monthly benefit is calculated based on a 2% rebate on. This in itself is remarkable, because the amount that we talk about everything regardless of what it is we spend a month living and bounds.
The second page is for those who are recommending acquaintances benefits of community loyalty. You can see that on the recommendation and appropriate communications, teaching what month and year plus commissions can be achieved.
All what? For the money, you can spend a month acquaintances, habitually, without any additional requirement.
The newer versions have shown the structure of the turnover was generated from the units and version 1.3 is already communicating with Angulo.
The 2.0 from the Serbian language is selected, the selected language and according to reports have RSD, EUR, USD, CAD, AUD and GBP as well.
I hope the program will help users! 🙂

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Detail information: https://goo.gl/xJQgl8