Britannica – Loyalty program Britannica


Loyalty program Britannica

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Imposes a mobile guest card when paying for each order in our network of restaurants, accumulate points and receive tasty gifts from our app! Your first gift – tea kettle – you can get longer next visit.

Mobile guest card does not stack with discounts and does not apply to a business lunch in the “Britannica” restaurants! Points are awarded for 1 hour after the calculation. To receive your gift, please inform the waiter before making you order. During one visit on the mobile map guest at the same time you can get three gifts.

About us
Group of companies «Britannica Project» includes such restaurants as “English pub Britannica” with traditional European cuisine, sports events, friendly atmosphere of universal joy and restaurants for a family holiday “peperoncini” and “Parmesan” with a simple Italian cuisine, children’s animation , homey feel. For special events, there are three magnificent ballrooms.

8 (800) 333-21-33

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Prosto Resto – Loyalty program Prosto Resto

Prosto Resto

Loyalty program Prosto Resto

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About us
With continuous care about the quality of products and the health of our customers, reasonable prices and discount system, our network now has a well deserved reputation among the city residents. Years of experience allow us to meet any preferences of our guests! Monthly check the quality of products, including the microbiological criteria enable us to ensure high quality and safety of our food. Every company in our network have certificates of conformity.

The Sushi Room network have everything to be happy to come here again and again.
Waiting for you!
Delivery: 10 to 23 days a week! Orders are accepted until 22:30.

8 (800) 333-21-33

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Лукошко – Loyalty program Lukoshko


Loyalty program Lukoshko

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About us
Family Cafe “Lukoshko” – already popular in Barnaul and Novoaltaisk cafes will continue to please the enchanting show of professional animators, colorful and interesting games room for children with a large labyrinth, a variety of dishes of European, Italian, Russian, and Japanese cuisine, and it’s not all fun, which will please you with our café!

8 (800) 333-21-33

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Новые Ватутинки – Loyalty program New Vatutinki

Новые Ватутинки

Loyalty program New Vatutinki

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For those who are going to buy an apartment in the annex have the opportunity to sign up for a tour to clarify the route to the sales office, get a nice gift after the passage of the tour, as well as to get a gift when buying an apartment!

For those who bought and waiting for settlement, the application will store all the useful phone in his hand, to receive news about the construction, get points for our application recommendations and spend it on gifts from our partners.

A resident with an application will be able to monitor the state of their personal accounts and pay them to receive news about the area and activities, receive photo reports, to store all the useful phone numbers in one place.

About us
Cozy and green district New Vatutinki is located 14 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road in the heart of New Moscow. All apartments come with a fine finish. Constructed and operate schools, kindergartens, shops, clinic.
Read about all the advantages of living in New Vatutinki and dreams can choose an apartment on our site.

8 (800) 333-21-33

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MOMO – Loyalty program MOMO


Loyalty program MOMO

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Instituting mobile bonus card for each order in gastrobare MOMO and get points.
For the earned points you can get nice gifts!
Your first gift – a delicious macaroon you can get it right now!

About us
MOMO Gastrobar – funny place to meet friends! High-quality European cuisine and creative cocktails
Table Reservation by phone: 285 75 12

8 (800) 333-21-33

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Шербет – Loyalty program Sherbet


Loyalty program Sherbet

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About us
Modern oriental cuisine in a cozy interior with a friendly staff for adequate money.

Modern oriental cuisine

Str. Myasnitskaya, 17. 8 (495) 621-46-87 / 8 (495) 621-4736
Str. Petrovka, 15. 8 (495) 628-08-12 / 8 (495) 628-15-97
Str. Sretenka, 32. 8 (495) 607-33-18 / 8 (495) 607-47-50
Str. Yartsevskaya, 19, SC “Kuntsevo Plaza”, entrance from the street Guerrilla, 8 (495) 780-01-12 / 8 (499) 429-01-12
Mode 24 hours.

8 (800) 333-21-33
Sherbet Moscow

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SmokeLounge – Loyalty program SmokeLounge


Loyalty program SmokeLounge

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Instituting mobile bonus card each time you visit Hookah №1 Smoke Lounge and get points.
For the earned points you can get nice gifts!
Your first gift you can get longer next visit.

About us
Hookah Smoke Lounge – is the art of love for all the beautiful and delicious. It is only in our institutions, you can enjoy all the colors of the exorbitant tastes smoking mixtures prepared on the basis of fruit, vegetables or special ingredients.

Through years of experience working with leading restaurants of the capital and enthusiastic feedback from our visitors, we may rightly be called a hookah №1. We are looking forward to visit all those who want to plunge into the atmosphere of relaxation, enjoy the best hookah country, as well as to witness the grand show.

8 (800) 333-21-33

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