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Fashion Line, secure and pleasant shopping
Turkey’s leading Fashion – Ladies Fashion Line, one of the clothing brand, continues its activity in the shopping side of retailing as well as any physical conversion. Since 2012 the active e-commerce activities, which was completed in the fourth quarter of 2015 continued with new investments Fashion Line offers a pleasant shopping experience.

Quick and easy shopping feasibility Fashion Line in addition to the purchases you make through the door conversion can take advantage of the payment convenience-store, buying products that deliver the desired product price you can pay for the cargo officer. Turkey’s largest evening dresses, dresses and women’s clothing from the fashion creations with Line stores and you can follow address frequently campaigns. and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr and track campaigns through a variety of social media tools like Tumblr, you can take advantage of the discount.

Original Product Warranty

Our products are manufactured to the highest quality manufacturing facilities after being tested through the quality control department and are ready for sale later.

Secure Shopping

Fashion Line are protected under high safety standards on all purchases you would make and store a high amount of relevant institutions within the framework of security standards that are purchased by paying security measures. Fashion certifications that have been used by leading names in the World Line has brand. Our priority is the safety and privacy of all our customers’ data.

Line Fashion Line stores and fashion shopping in your store, we can return our products will perform in over 14 days. About the return of our products “Evening” (Evening Bold words should be written) category must be done the day of delivery of the products of our return.

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Turkey’s Leading Fashion Site I, just as it has for more than 25 years serving the retail industry in the stores, the Internet also set out targets at the summit in May 2012. Since its inception, moving to the forefront of customer satisfaction; 6 Month Without Interest, Door Payment and most importantly – do not exist in a place, just special “Instant Shipping” system has been put into operation the first shopping sites. I October / 2014 Immediate shipping system has changed since the Quick Post, the incoming orders, the order according to the arrival dates and times began shipping to quickly.

Secure Shopping My uses SSL certificate that ensures the security of information transmitted via 128-bit encryption for data transmission. your credit card information is only used when performing the ordering process and can not be held as registered in the database.

Quality and Authenticity Guarantee originality and quality of products sold, the product of the selection process Sateen a special unit, while at the packaging stage in the tank with 100% quality control that special operations line is tested twice.

Best Customer Experience The best customer experience live the service concept of the center to put the I, 7 days, 24 hours accessible customer service team and members of the verbatim communicate as Facebook, Twitter, accessible continuously through Pinterest and Instagram channels state.

If a product you have purchased from want to return for any reason, you can easily send it back within 7 days.

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vıpscuba tablet and mobile applications can be easily used with a dip in your mobile phone

Your vacation planning easier than ever before!

Taking professional services and V.İ.P abroad VIPSCUB mobile If you want to plan a dive holiday

applications at your fingertips. Moreover, the rich can explore the four corners of the world

scheduled snorkeling tour awaits you with attractive deals. Through the application to your phone or tablet

whenever you want, wherever you’ve set all round the hotel, or you can browse your dream boat

Examine alternative, you can purchase select the snorkeling tour that best fits your expectations.

You Catch opportunities Download our mobile app!

What you VIPSCUB provider benefits when you install the application?

 diving holiday accommodation alternatives and different on both tourist travels

VIPSCUB that the answer to your needs, classified in different themes V.İ.P diving services

Meet your expectations at a high level.

 With the mobile application; a wide variety of gifts, last-minute round of announcements, competitions

You can not easily earn discounts and participating in round buying.

 be able to get last minute deals via mobile app as a notification on your phone.

 Overseas diving tour with mobile apps at your fingertips!

 Mobile application periods throughout the year with early booking your holiday with the advantage of diving

You can plan with attractive discounts.

 purchase during the tour with the mobile application, advance payment to your credit card the price of 9

You can also benefit from the option to pay up.

Why VIPSCUB & # 39; t you prefer?

VIPSCUB, 1997 & # 39; the registered trademark and & quot; about everything under the water, & quot; underwater peace with the slogan

give the divers have a common meeting point. Our brand, know-how and many years of experience with diving

gathered under one corporate structure of tourism services and tourism, and in 2013 VIPSCUB

Travel Agency industry in the sector Assembly & quot; Quality Diving Tours & quot; It filled the gap.

The agency & quot; Customer Satisfaction & quot; Our principle is to be found where the error VIPSCUB

They do not, therefore, & quot; We created a Customer Satisfaction Program. Turan decided to join

our participants to examine the rights of clients before the tour visit our website to learn

We recommend not. politikamiz-

47 /

Overseas diving destinations in the Red Sea diving tour mainly to the world’s most beautiful regions

and regulating the category leader in customer-focused company that VIPSCUB diving tours

It serves with products. Red Sea carrying the most passengers in the first five tour operators place 1st place

of brands; According to data calculated in 2015 with a share of 83% of the pie in the sector.

Red Sea’s most luxurious, high quality and meeting point V.İ.P boats

VIPSCUB is working with the highest quality and luxury boats in the Red sea to its customers

conditions gives V.İ.P service in the comfort of 5-star hotels. Every year, 20 boats should stay steady

Our company is located in organizing tours in the category 1.sıra boat diving tours with accommodation.

VIPSCUB the Early booking discounts as easily booked with attractive promotional deals

It allows you to make.

What else awaits you in VIPSCUB tour?

vıpscuba tour in gorgeous safe and fun diving in a while so, also

subjects of our tour were invited to the expert, marine ecology, yoga, various factors such as free diving

receive information on matters that are presented to you the opportunity to participate in these special activities.

VIPSCUB Tourism Travel Agency.

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In 1998 he entered the retail sector. Istanbul focused on moving soon to open stores in Anatolia has become a major player in the shirt market, known in Turkey.

The last 2 years, began to open stores abroad with the goal of becoming one of the world’s most important brand shirt. Today, it still continues its activities under the Tudors flag in 10 countries including Turkey.

The Tudors for constantly updated to meet the objectives of consumer demand in modern retailing approach, both in Turkey the most reliable in the world, is to become the most innovative brand shirt.

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