RYT – RYT App for a personalized shopping experience.


RYT App for a personalized shopping experience.

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“RYT” app – get personalized and highly relevant offers. Get special treatment and deals that are just for you from places you like to visit to shop / eat / get entertained, etc.

Many reasons to go the RYT App way…

Get latest, relevant information on products/services/offers/events/stores etc. based on your own choice.

Some handy uses of this feature include:
• Explore : Planning your day… 24*7… when you step out of home… get the best deals/ offers/service from your favourite stores/pubs/multiplexes/restaurants/spas and more.
• Discover: Location and time matter. Check out the best deals/offers currently in-store from stores in your neighbourhood.
• Search inside stores : Search for offers/discounts/information within each store/outlet. Search within your favourites, specific store or outlet.
• Relevant information: Keeping abreast of events in your neighbourhood – flash sales to best deals etc..

Personalized offers:
Reward yourself for being a customer and let businesses treat you the in a special way.

Business offers:
Every business wants to recognise and reward you for being their valued customer. Receive daily updates of your favourite stores:
1. Get real time feed.
2. Receive offers of interest notifications only.
3. Non-Intrusive – Contextualise when you want to see the notifications in your own time and space.
4. Check out complete details from notification itself.
5. Ad- free notifications.
6. Saved search alerts: Get updates of the latest relevant offers from the products/ brands you searched for based on your keywords.

My favourite stores:
• Customize favourite stores: Select top stores/pubs/multiplexes/restaurants/spas etc. as favourites to see by default on your RYT Store Offers listings

• Add unlimited stores as favourites. Stay Informed. Take smarter decisions when shopping.
Never miss any important update from your favourite store/ pub/ multiplex/restaurant/spa etc. RYT allows you to put all your favourites in one location. Add unlimited favourites from across different categories.

One click save any product to your wishlist queue. Also lets you share the same with your favourite stores.

Share offer:
One click share offer with friends/family you think deserves it most.

Peace of mind. Experience Ad free RYT.

Advertisements are not shown to RYT consumers. Get an awesome RYT experience.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/qSjv64