Zeta Gas Guatemala – App for ordering gas and communicate with Zeta Gas Guatemala

Zeta Gas Guatemala

App for ordering gas and communicate with Zeta Gas Guatemala

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The Zeta Gas Guatemala application will help you to do the following:

– Order Online
– Orders to our call center 1792
– Consultation points ZetaPremia online
– Consultation points redemption centers ZetaPremia
– Consultation Gasauto centers
– Promotions Zeta Gas
– Contact online
– Contact our call center 1792

* The application requires internet connection (data) to perform, online ordering, see cumulative point, consultation and exchange centers Gasauto, promotions, online contact.

* The application requires airtime available on your phone orders call center and contact a call center.

* If the application by sending a request received no response from it, it is possible that the Internet on your device is not connected

Zeta Gas serving with energy every day.

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/4qxzKy

Iwode Trendy Store – IWODE Trendy Tailor provides high quality exquisite taste custom clothing.

Iwode Trendy Store

IWODE Trendy Tailor provides high quality exquisite taste custom clothing.

Iwode Trendy Store screenshot 0Iwode Trendy Store screenshot 1Iwode Trendy Store screenshot 2Iwode Trendy Store screenshot 3Iwode Trendy Store screenshot 4Iwode Trendy Store screenshot 5Iwode Trendy Store screenshot 6Iwode Trendy Store screenshot 7Iwode Trendy Store screenshot 8

IWODE Trendy Tailor provides high quality exquisite taste custom clothing at affordable price. From shirts to pants, suits to shoes, our customers have the flexibility to construct or replicate the designs that best complement their unique features.

At IWODE, we channel innovation through excellence, creativity and individuality. In April 2011, with an additional USD 10 million of capital injected by IDG Capital Partners, IWODE greatly enhanced its capability in technical innovation and successfully developed its own proprietary ERP bespoke system. With this system, our tailors are afforded state of the art technology that allows for the finest workmanship whilst dramatically reducing production costs. Other than outsourcing production, IWODE operates its own factories, one in Shanghai and another in Guangzhou, in order to ensure quality control.

IWODE have developed a unique business model to control risks. Through this, we are able to cut down on the inaccuracies as well as the high alteration and return rates which pure online tailors usually face. We also take things a few steps further with our door-to-door measuring services. Our stylists are willing and waiting to assist and provide advice on all matters dealing with fashion and tailoring.

All our fabrics are obtained from British, Italian and reputable Asia fabric suppliers, following through with the overall promise of high quality and comfort.

Price is simple, transparent and based on the main fabric you select. No hidden charges for extra needs such as embroidering names or other extra workmanship IWODE can provide. Additionally, we offer free ironing, free alterations and free shipping services with no minimum purchase required.

Visit us on site, and receive a complimentary glass of wine, sip on a decadent coffee or enjoy a light snack while you indulge in tailoring delight.

Your utmost satisfaction is our endless pursuit.

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/nTJGaQ