Sio Soluciones – Official App of WIS SOLUTIONS S. COOP.

Sio Soluciones

Official App of WIS SOLUTIONS S. COOP.

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WIS SOLUTIONS S. COOP. born in January 2012 with a clear objective: to provide independent and SMEs everything you need, besides the constant advice for development and growth.

Our portfolio of services and products include POS to trade in general and specific to bars, restaurants, spas and salons, bookshops and stationers. Program management and CRM for SMEs. Custom programming. Websites tailored to smartphones and tablets. Create your own app for iOS and android. Public wifi network for private clients and for business use. Surveillance cameras. Computer hardware (sale, maintenance and repair). Communications (PBX, VoIP, networks). Ink and toner. Office supplies and stationery. Office automation and ergonomics. Television, video projectors and projection screens. Interactive Whiteboards. School and office furniture.

We are certified reseller of SAGE Eurowin, Delegation to the Region of Murcia Reskyt dealer IQBoard Premium, HP Business Partner, Synergy Business partnet partnet ACER and Lenovo.

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맘스마켓 – Wise exchange of motherI need my sister, this stuff?- Is being tested –


Wise exchange of motherI need my sister, this stuff?- Is being tested –

맘스마켓 screenshot 0맘스마켓 screenshot 1맘스마켓 screenshot 2맘스마켓 screenshot 3

Sprout growing as our children!
Ahkkapjyo is smaller clothes and shoes that would’ve yen!

When children know the old clothes skin
Do you know that less stimulation?

These days kids stuff formidable price
I used to like the new cheaper!

– People making mamseu Market
Team: gangjinuk, jiyounghun
Design team: josejin, South mingyeong

– Keywords
Second hand trading, pre-trade, joint purchasing

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クーポンまとめるショプリス – Can easily bulk cleanup app "Shopurisu". ♪ coupon app is organized, you can start immediately


Can easily bulk cleanup app "Shopurisu". ♪ coupon app is organized, you can start immediately

クーポンまとめるショプリス screenshot 0クーポンまとめるショプリス screenshot 1クーポンまとめるショプリス screenshot 2クーポンまとめるショプリス screenshot 3クーポンまとめるショプリス screenshot 4クーポンまとめるショプリス screenshot 5

Can easily bulk cleanup app “Shopurisu”
It does not annoy you at the checkout ago.
“Shopurisu” will help you shopping smart life.

You who have put a lot of coupon app.
And when I try to start a coupon application at the shop, the application can not be found immediately. . . Do you get frustrated?
But, you can organize the folder the app and to organize the app is very difficult small very cumbersome.

To such you can “Shopurisu”

Because you organize your coupon app automatically, “Shopurisu” is, you can easily start coupon app.
You can even categorize, also be watching the application by purpose, can meet the coupon apps we have not seen until now.
Even without the app is installed, (and then start the googlePlay) The tea can also be proceeding with the installation of “Shopurisu”

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Personal Collection – Bring PC with you, even on the go!

Personal Collection

Bring PC with you, even on the go!

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Bring PC with you, even on the go!

The Personal Collection app brings you the mobile product folio of PC with WOW products that you can browse.

Enjoy exciting rewards when you scan your PC Magalogue with the App Bar Code Scan gift promos.

Take the challenge with the PC Product Challenge and get yourself to the highest level!

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Kotfeel – At Kotfeel we bring you the ability to POP with different style of leggings .


At Kotfeel we bring you the ability to POP with different style of leggings .

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There are plenty of different styles of tops and accessories available, but we noticed lack of unique bottoms that gave You the power to truly ‘speak’ through your style. At Kotfeel we bring you the ability to let your personality POP with different style of leggings and we’re adding new styles all the time! Our Leggings are comfortable, breathable, shapewear, designed to have you looking and feeling your best

At present, we offer you 30 different colours in three different patterns i.e. Ankle Length, Churidar and All Feeder. Kotfeel is a brand of Suhaan Cloth Merchant Pvt. Ltd. Under Suhaan Group and is founded in Kolkata, India in 2014 by Mr. Sumeet Harlalka, and is headed by Ms. Prachi Deora.

From the catwalk to real world, our aim is to bring comfortable fashion into your day.

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MIXIT – Online Laboratory of Natural Cosmetics MIXIT


Online Laboratory of Natural Cosmetics MIXIT

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Hi! Welcome to the application MIXIT for Android. Very good
a decision: now all cosmetics online lab in your

After all, you go with the times and prefer natural products? All products MIXIT consists only of natural ingredients that do not contain hazardous reagents and are not tested on
animals. Just imagine: all funds are based on organic oils, shea, cocoa, coffee, etc., With the addition of vitamins and natural extracts and essential oils of assets. Cosmetics for hair care contains no sulfates, silicones and parabens. You do not have to

Simply, quickly, comfortably
You will not lose a single extra minute! All our creams, scrubs, masks, peelings, balms, shampoos and other cosmetics for the face, body and hair, and you can look at a book on the phone. Quickly and comfortably. You stand in traffic, waiting to be late girlfriend, bored in the queue? Open your application! Find out about the updates, create your own individual means of recipes, buy ready-made cosmetics MIXIT where and when you want.

Express Yourself with us under the guidance of leading experts! The annex set designer of unique personal makeup MIXIT. You can easily choose the foundation cream, scrub, shampoo or balm for your skin type or hair, and add ingredients that will most effectively deal with the problems and provide you perfect care. If collected cosmetics you like, you can order them again in a private office.

Find out all the news first and do not miss any of the action or special offers via MIXIT for Android! By clicking “Install”, you agree with the installation of the mobile device by the host application MIXIT for Android and updates. To remove an application, use the settings. For any questions and advice please call: 8 (800) 333-84-49

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Shop Smarter – Shop Smarter ApS launches app where you can easily save money when you shop.

Shop Smarter

Shop Smarter ApS launches app where you can easily save money when you shop.

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Shop Smarter Ltd. Launches App Shop Smarter, which makes it easy for you to save money when you shop.
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Shop Smarter is the easiest way to save money when you shop.

What are Shop Smarter?

Shop Smarter is the revolutionary news of Customer and loyalty clubs, now you can earn bonus points and save lots of money without using all the different plastic cards. The Shop Smarter app. you have loyalty clubs in one place and avoid the shortage plastic cards, each with its loaylitetsklub. Wherever you go, you have Atid your mobile on you and therefore Shop Smarter easily and quickly.

All shops in the whole country can create, so you can collect all your loyalty points one place.

Shop Smarter is extremely user-friendly, and with a few clicks you can easily find just what you are looking for.

With Shop Smarter earn bonus points every time you shop in a store that is associated Shop Smarter. Bonus points you can use to pay with the associated shops where you thus saving money.

Shop Smarter nationwide and therefore you can always find stores near you where you can earn bonus points and save money.

What are bonus points?

Bonus points are accumulated in the associated shops every time you shop. The individual shops / business decide what percentage they will let you earn on each trade. If a store offers 5% in savings and you buy for 100 kr. Then you have earned five bonus points. 1 bonus point is always = 1 crown. That is, the 5 bonus points are 5 kr. Worth.

How do I earn bonus points?

To do this in all the affiliated shops and businesses. Every shop and business in Denmark is able to establish themselves in Shop Smarter and thereby make their own customer club. The stores are listed in Shop Smarter based on postal codes in the menu “Store”. The shops are also able to get together in a common loyalty club for the whole city. You can – in some places – earn bonus points for both the individual shops and the city’s joint loyalty club.

How do I receive my bonus points?

If you shop in a store where you pay immediately ask your bonus points. The clerk must use your cell phone number to transfer points to you. If however you have been visited by, for example, a painter, who is in Shop Smarter, you will receive an invoice for this work. When this bill is paid, you go to the “Request point” in Shop Smarter. Here you first select the company you want to request credits. As you enter the invoice number and amount and press request. So the company will be able to approve your anmodnig – and your points will get into your account.

Download Shop Smarter already.

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