yvere – US’s leading online fashion retailers, trend Fashion at affordable prices


US’s leading online fashion retailers, trend Fashion at affordable prices

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Yvere.com is one of the US’s leading online fashion retailers, offering trend-led Fashion at affordable prices for rent or sell. Yvere.com provide a wide selection of celebrity and catwalk inspired pieces – with lots of new looks arriving daily.

Aimed at fashion forward males and females, yvere.com offers the very latest styles in apparels and accessories for men and women that love keeping their look on-trend and affordable.

Since the launch in 2005, Yvere.com has quickly become one of the most successful online fashion retailers for women’s choice. As the company has grown, so has the customer base and Yvere now ship worldwide to countries such as UK, Australia, and Middle East.

During Yvere’s short history, we have received several prestigious accolades and maintain many strong professional links within the fashion industry. Through extensive research and our great knowledge of our customer base we provide style inspiration features backed with the latest catwalk looks to make sure all our customers keep one fashionable foot ahead of the crowd!


We Sell pre-owned Bags or we rent Brand new bags. (the price shown for the brand new bags are the rent cost per day)

The bags price is the daily rent price (the letter R next to the bag name means it’s for rent)

Tester Perfume Vs. Original Perfume

Tester bottles are specially marked bottles of perfume used at retail stores and intended for customer testing of the product. Therefore, the quality of our testers might differ from the original quality nevertheless The content of the bottle does not differ. The box may be a white or brown box. Because they are not made to be sold to the public you can find them a lot cheaper than the actual cost of the fragrance. Also to note that the tester might be refilled by its own company.

As for the boxed perfumes (original perfume) it is a redesigned and restructured box and bottle.

Detail information: https://goo.gl/OGrtYc

Kids Shopping List – This is a simple application for kids to prepare their own shopping list

Kids Shopping List

This is a simple application for kids to prepare their own shopping list

Kids Shopping List screenshot 0Kids Shopping List screenshot 1Kids Shopping List screenshot 2Kids Shopping List screenshot 3Kids Shopping List screenshot 4Kids Shopping List screenshot 5Kids Shopping List screenshot 6Kids Shopping List screenshot 7

This is a simple application for kids to prepare their own shopping list.
The aim of this application to to teach kids independence and responsibility, where kids can prepare their own shopping list by clicking on the items they need or the parents/guardians need and do the shopping by themselves under elders supervision.
The kids don’t need to know how to read since it all depends on pictures, but need the ability to read numbers.

Instructions are available in “How to use” in the main menu.
Hope you enjoy.
If you have any comments, concerns or feedback, please feel free to e-mail me at h.elnaka88@gmail.com


Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/79hRDb

GoWhere Malaysia – Find what's on around you! Get the latest promotions & upcoming events in M'sia.

GoWhere Malaysia

Find what's on around you! Get the latest promotions & upcoming events in M'sia.

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GoWhere Malaysia is the largest ‘What’s On’ portal listing latest sales promotion and upcoming events in Malaysia. With the ‘Around You’ feature, you can easily get the latest information around you based on your current location.

Have you ever missed a sales or a promotion? Or worse, not even knowing what you have missed because you can never know every happening at everywhere at anytime? With GoWhere, now you can!

GoWhere provides you with time-sensitive information on any sales & promotions and events, sorted by detailed categories and displayed according to your current or chosen location.
The interactive map allows easy zoom in and zoom out to expand or narrow down your search radius, giving you an intuitive navigation to find out exactly which stores or outlets running precisely what kind of promotions.
What’s more? You get to have a sneak preview of the promotional details too!

With all information centrally gathered and administered, GoWhere guarantees highly standardised top quality contents, powered by GoWhere team of specialists. Unique boutiques or massive retail chains or franchises, GoWhere platform provides the one-stop-shop solution for you to take advantage of the best deals available, wherever you in Malaysia at anytime.

With GoWhere, now you know you should go where!

Detail information: https://goo.gl/K7cPzO

C-Où – Booking form adapted to the iPhone format for a better experience


Booking form adapted to the iPhone format for a better experience

C-Où screenshot 0C-Où screenshot 1C-Où screenshot 2C-Où screenshot 3C-Où screenshot 4C-Où screenshot 5C-Où screenshot 6

Make your shopping in your store Carrefour Villeneuve La Garenne by downloading the mobile application C-where “c-or”.

The “C or” Carrefour Villeneuve La Garenne offers five main services to prepare and shop applications:

• Prepare your shopping list with C-Where:
      o When accessing the promotional products,
      o Looking for a product by entering its wording
      o By scanning the barcode of a product,
      o By adding the ingredients you lack for the preparation of a recipe

• Find your products in store:
      o Easily find a product or promotion in the store
      o Use optimized shopping path of your shopping list

• Ask about the product (price, origin, promotion, photos, recipes …)
      o Approaching your NFC phone with an electronic tag store
      o By scanning the barcode of the product
      o By entering the wording of product

• Enjoy recipe ideas:
      o To prepare your meals and feed your shopping list
      o To inspire you with an ingredient

• Find all the information about Carrefour Villeneuve-La-Garenne:
      o How to get there,
      o hours,
      o The services offered
      o The news of your store.

The “C or” should be helpful application, it is thought for you. Help us make it evolve by sharing your views, comments and suggestions to improve us!

Thank you for the use you’re going to get.

The application of C-where Carrefour Villeneuve-La-Garenne offers optimal all of its services on the iPhone 4s models, 5c, 5s + 7 iOS and Android from version 4.1

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/Idmdee

BuyitDaily – Online Shopping – Biggest Online Grocery and daily essentials shopping store of Nashik, India

BuyitDaily - Online Shopping

Biggest Online Grocery and daily essentials shopping store of Nashik, India

BuyitDaily - Online Shopping screenshot 0BuyitDaily - Online Shopping screenshot 1BuyitDaily - Online Shopping screenshot 2BuyitDaily - Online Shopping screenshot 3BuyitDaily - Online Shopping screenshot 4BuyitDaily - Online Shopping screenshot 5BuyitDaily - Online Shopping screenshot 6BuyitDaily - Online Shopping screenshot 7

Buy it Daily dot Com is an online grocery / kirana Shopping Super Store of Nashik, Maharashtra, India. We currently serves to Nashik city with our convenience & relaxed way of shopping. With over 3000 + products range you will find everything what you are looking for daily needs like Groceries, Vegetables & Fruits, Edible oil, Tea, Coffee, Cold Drinks, Butter, Cheese, Sauces, Chocolates, other Branded Foods as well as Personal Care & Household Products.

– Free Home Delivery on order Rs 950 & above
– Easy payment option – COD (Cash on Delivery) / (Card on Delivery)
– A hassle free return policy
– Quality & fresh product
– Big relief for senior people, working ladies, housewives, pregnant ladies, joint families and people who want spend
more time with family

Using Buy it Daily mobile App you can shop groceries at ease and convenience, choosing from more than 3,000 + products and shopping groceries was never so easy before!

Would you like to get in touch with us? details below –


Customer Care:- customercare@buyitdaily.com

You can also choose to Order on Phone or Whatsapp on 77 698 46 333 or on Email at order@buyitdaily.com

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/QvMEe4