Monte Serrat – The supermarket Monte Serrat on your mobile!

Monte Serrat

The supermarket Monte Serrat on your mobile!

Monte Serrat screenshot 0Monte Serrat screenshot 1Monte Serrat screenshot 2Monte Serrat screenshot 3Monte Serrat screenshot 4

The Monte Serrat application lets you recreate the traditional shopping list and facilitate your next visit to our supermarkets. See our products and promotions this week, and add them to your shopping list or store them in your bookmarks.

Key features:
– Follow the promotions of the week;
– Easily find products by browsing our base of categorized products and images;
– Create and manage your shopping list;
– Always updated prices;
– Add products quickly through text search or scan barcode;
– Save your favorite products;
– Please purchase mode and easily track your shopping list during your visit to the supermarket;

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Cardberry – Cardberry – the best way to replace all the coupon cards of the same e-card!


Cardberry – the best way to replace all the coupon cards of the same e-card!

Cardberry screenshot 0Cardberry screenshot 1Cardberry screenshot 2Cardberry screenshot 3Cardberry screenshot 4

You have a lot of discount and savings cards, as well as visit the fitness clubs, using a plastic card for the passage to the office? Leave your credit cards at home!
Cardberry will replace all magnetic stripe cards, barcode or number. Download our app, add it to all your codes, bonus, savings, club, gift cards and use all the benefits of loyalty programs via your smartphone. With Cardberry need not regret the loss of discount, if with him was not the right discount card or to ask for help in case of a forgotten card capacity. You have Cardberry !
Use discount cards your friends – in one click find the right cards in a mobile application, send a request to cardholders, use them and share your own. The more friends using Cardberry , the greater your discount!
To carry out the purchase with Cardberry you can not connect to the Internet.
1. Add all of your cards in Cardberry application.
2. When purchasing show the cashier a mobile application to scan the necessary cards or simply pass it Cardberry electronic card reader.
Buy an electronic map on our website
+ Convenient. Now all your cards and the cards of your friends are always in your smartphone
+ To work with Cardberry does not require an Internet connection, the interaction between the application and e-cards through Bluetooth.
We found a bug or have a suggestion how can we get better? Write to us at

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Km de Vantagens – Km Advantage is the loyalty program of Ipiranga station network.

Km de Vantagens

Km Advantage is the loyalty program of Ipiranga station network.

Km de Vantagens screenshot 0Km de Vantagens screenshot 1Km de Vantagens screenshot 2Km de Vantagens screenshot 3Km de Vantagens screenshot 4

With Km Advantages of application you have a benefit of the universe in the palm of your hand!

The Km Advantage is the loyalty program of Ipiranga stations. Participate and win points that are called Km to supply, change the oil or buy at gas stations in Ipiranga sites and several partners. The Km you join can be redeemed for discounts and benefits in over 90 partners and several exclusive shops.

The Advantages of Km app brings to your hand the benefits of the universe Ipiranga loyalty program. With it, you can control your Km extract, update your registration data to simulation how many Km you can join in Ipiranga business and what benefits you can get with that amount of Km. Also, get all your questions through the FAQ and the Contact Us.

Soon we will have more news for you!

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Supermercados La Torre – Supermarkets La Torre.

Supermercados La Torre

Supermarkets La Torre.

Supermercados La Torre screenshot 0Supermercados La Torre screenshot 1Supermercados La Torre screenshot 2Supermercados La Torre screenshot 3Supermercados La Torre screenshot 4

Now make your super will be easier. Create your own shopping list by adding different products sorted by category.
You can check our supplement offers updated every week and find the nearest store according to your location to save time and money.

Our application is very easy to use to check product inventory and schedules. Contact us directly.

It has a blog with recipes and interesting content for your day.

Download the application and plan your purchases easily!

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Доставка пиццы суши еды – The demo application delivery restaurant Pomidor

Доставка пиццы суши еды

The demo application delivery restaurant Pomidor

Доставка пиццы суши еды screenshot 0Доставка пиццы суши еды screenshot 1Доставка пиццы суши еды screenshot 2Доставка пиццы суши еды screenshot 3

Get more orders!

What each person takes leaving the house? Keys, wallet and phone. Provide your clients with access to your menu at any time and in any place.

– Increase your customer loyalty
– The growth of repeat orders and the average ticket
– A new channel of communication with your customers
– Convenient online order entry system

– Instant notification of updates and promotions
– Quick access to your menu
– Ability to order delivery time convenient to them when and where it suits them
– A bonus system, which will save the following orders

Application features:
– Home screen – allows you to place the information on promotions, discounts, popular dishes
– Menu – the whole range of categorized
– Feed Company
– Reference page dishes and colorful image gallery
– Guest – help to see that customers prefer
– Questions and Answers – give its customers prompt feedback and increase the number of orders
– List of favorite dishes – an opportunity to celebrate the dishes that pleased
– Contact institutions – information about the institution, address and hours of operation
– Profitable loyalty system

Contact us through

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DRN Deals Right Now – Deals Right Now helps discover deals,discounts & offers in your current location

DRN Deals Right Now

Deals Right Now helps discover deals,discounts & offers in your current location

DRN Deals Right Now screenshot 0DRN Deals Right Now screenshot 1DRN Deals Right Now screenshot 2DRN Deals Right Now screenshot 3DRN Deals Right Now screenshot 4DRN Deals Right Now screenshot 5DRN Deals Right Now screenshot 6

So many times we walk in our favorite markets and miss out on offers because we’ve already purchased something from a competitor before we pass by that store or drink that coffee in our favorite café only to realise later that we could’ve gotten it free or with their yummy muffin with a coupon code somewhere…wouldn’t it be nice to have an app which alerts us of all the offers being customized only for us, in our favorite market, the moment we arrive?

We are happy to bring you an app which does just that & more….Deals Right Now your new shopping companion.

Deals Right Now is an innovative solution which allows you to get the best value for your monies by providing you highly localized & targeted offers, discounts & deals. With easy redemption options for coupons generated, DRN is completely hassle free.

So make the most of your shopping trips, experience the joy of getting more of less…Join us right away to avail some awesome deals, discounts & offers.

All deals, offers & discounts on our app are coming to you live, straight from the merchant. The experience is therefore as real and as authentic as it gets, these are time bound and have limited time availability. Its best, that you take advantage “NOW”.

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Mon Bouton – Button: Press, Darty helps you out!

Mon Bouton

Button: Press, Darty helps you out!

Mon Bouton screenshot 0Mon Bouton screenshot 1Mon Bouton screenshot 2Mon Bouton screenshot 3Mon Bouton screenshot 4Mon Bouton screenshot 5Mon Bouton screenshot 6Mon Bouton screenshot 7

Button: Press, Darty helps you out!
now no need to call for help a friend enamored of new technologies or launch an SOS to his neighbor handyman: Click the button and a counselor immediately remind you, 24 hours on 24 and 7 days out of 7! Also available in visio support from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 20 hours.
Button is a mobile application available on smartphones and iOS and Android tablets: you can not install your Blu-ray recorder? Want to know how to program your oven? You need to order dust bags?
Click the button, an adviser Darty immediately reminds you to help you out * Remote or answer your questions on products of a brand and a family marketed by Darty whether or not under warranty.
To operate your button, you will, subscribe to the stores Darty Service button or on our website and mobile applications if you purchased an extended warranty.
Regain the conditions for Button service in our contract that was sent to you by email confirming your subscription to the service.

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AtlaStock Indonesia – CRM for real estate agents that allows you to manage properties with ease

AtlaStock Indonesia

CRM for real estate agents that allows you to manage properties with ease

AtlaStock Indonesia screenshot 0AtlaStock Indonesia screenshot 1AtlaStock Indonesia screenshot 2AtlaStock Indonesia screenshot 3

AtlaStock is a mobile CRM application that must be owned by a real estate agent to develop their business. It is the only application that allows agents to publicize their property listings on OLX and receive leads from millions of users OLX. In AtlaStock, we believe that the application should be simple, smart and can be used anywhere to grow your business. We ensure that your property will sell quickly, allowing you to get better results on your investment.

By using the application AtlaStock Agents can Add, manage, upload photos, and publish your property listings as well as receive messages from prospective buyers and renters.
Main feature:
* Manage your property anytime and anywhere.
* Take a picture and upload your propeti listing in seconds
* Publish your property ads on OLX
* Receives Message of Millions of Users OLX
* Track and manage leads from buyers and potential tenants propeti you.
* Sell your property faster and get a better ROI

Android application is 100% free. Download and use it to grow your business right now.
We are confident that when you try it, this app will be your best assistant.
We always strive to serve you better. Please Send your comments and suggestions by sending a letter to the

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SuperValu – The FREE Online Shopping APP from SuperValu Ireland.


The FREE Online Shopping APP from SuperValu Ireland.

SuperValu screenshot 0SuperValu screenshot 1SuperValu screenshot 2SuperValu screenshot 3

The FREE Online Shopping app from SuperValu Ireland. Shop online from your local SuperValu store with the same special offers, fresh quality food and great service using your smartphone.

Available for home delivery and click & collect.

Register online at or via the app.

Place a new order or change an existing one. Shop from “My Usuals” – all your in-store favourites.. Search for products to add items to your trolley. Go to checkout and pay for your order.

The SuperValu Online Shopping App makes life easier by saving you time and helping you spend less.

View our special offers.
View your trolley total.
Choose your local SuperValu online store.
Get Real Rewards points with every shop.
Scan product barcodes and add directly to trolley.
Book a pick up or delivery slot.
Amend or cancel an existing order.
Search for products and add to trolley.
Add products from My Usuals to your trolley.
View product ingredients and nutritional information.
View previous orders and add products from them.
Start and finish an order via your Android or online.

For use by customers in the Republic of Ireland.

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オークション相場・統計サーチ – Auction market app, finally appeared.


Auction market app, finally appeared.

オークション相場・統計サーチ screenshot 0オークション相場・統計サーチ screenshot 1オークション相場・統計サーチ screenshot 2オークション相場・統計サーチ screenshot 3オークション相場・統計サーチ screenshot 4

Auction-rate statistics app, finally appeared.
You can by using this Auction market, to know the “rate of thing”.
You will be able to knowing the market, you can buy low and sell high or that. (※ currently, can be viewed both successful bid rate, in session of Yahoo! Auctions)

In addition, the successful bid keyword tool, it is possible to see the commodity prices of real-time user. The product which did not notice, if sold at the Yahoo auction, and what was the thing which some of this value? I can see and.

At the same time, the tracking tool on the delivery of the baggage that is indispensable in the net shopping you can use. Where is whether there is one this app, is the product which you have purchased, I know.

Currently, the support is the shipping company below.
Yamato Transport (black cat Yamato)
Sagawa Express
· Nippon Express Airport (Pelican)
· Postal Order
Seino Transportation
· Seibuun’yu

This app is compatible with the successful bid rate of the Yahoo auction.
Future, Amazon (amazon). Rakuten auction. Rakuten. We are planning to cope with the shopping mall, such as Mobaoku. The auction must for fans.
※ It is recommended to the net entrepreneur you want to earn Sedori, such as pocket money!

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