Bob’s Delivery – The Bob's brand, with its delicious snacks now available on your Android!

Bob's Delivery

The Bob's brand, with its delicious snacks now available on your Android!

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Pioneering, creativity and quality. The Bob’s brand is now part of Brazilian life, selling what is most flavorful in hambúgueres and sundaes, plus the unmatched Ovaltine milkshake. Now, these and other delicious snacks are available on your Android. Direct phone number for hassle free and receive your order wherever you are.

To use it is very simple:

1 – Enter your location: Enter your address using the GPS, or enter your postcode or street name to check if your area is serviced. The app Bob’s Delivery watch the following cities:

Rio de Janeiro
Cabo Frio

Juiz de Fora
Governador Valadares





2 – Select the dishes: browse the categories and select your favorite items.

3 – Check your order in the cart: see the items you included.

4 – Please register or if you have already joined, enter your login and password. If this is your first visit, we will need some information to be able to send your request.

5 – Choose the payment method.

If you have any questions or comments about this application please email:

What’s New in version 4.0:
– New layout: make your request has never been so simple and beautiful.
– New option “Re-order”: you can now browse your requests already made and remake them whenever you want 🙂
– New “Contact Us”: you can send your comments and suggestions via the app itself.
– Improvements in the order confirmation: it is transparent to the user
– Improvements in the process of paying with credit card.

Download apk file:

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