The Mall BD – is the first E-commerce site in Bangladesh

The Mall BD is the first E-commerce site in Bangladesh

The Mall BD screenshot 0The Mall BD screenshot 1The Mall BD screenshot 2The Mall BD screenshot 3The Mall BD screenshot 4The Mall BD screenshot 5 is the first E-commerce site in Bangladesh which offers directly imported products only from UK and USA to your doorsteps. is the first E-commerce site in Bangladesh which offers directly imported products only from UK and USA to your doorsteps. We only offer products that are already in our store, thus enabling us to deliver the goods in shortest possible time. Now you can shop for your favorite brand of cosmetics, baby products, grooming needs, perfumes, dental and medical products from the comfort of your home. For hassle free shopping we have cash on delivery and B-kash option.

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Vodafone Avantaj Cepte – Find and benefit from Vodafone exclusive offers at partner brands easily!

Vodafone Avantaj Cepte

Find and benefit from Vodafone exclusive offers at partner brands easily!

Vodafone Avantaj Cepte screenshot 0Vodafone Avantaj Cepte screenshot 1Vodafone Avantaj Cepte screenshot 2Vodafone Avantaj Cepte screenshot 3Vodafone Avantaj Cepte screenshot 4

The Vodafone AVANTAJ CEPTE application is offering exclusive advantages to all Vodafone users!
AVANTAJ CEPTE is altering the current shopping habits of customers! Vodafone is offering a new advantageous world to its subscribers by providing convenience in their shopping act. All of the advantages including from regional and location based offers to national campaigns are getting alive in your smartphones powered by Vodafone!
With this application, Vodafone users are able to see and benefit from Vodafone only exclusive opportunities and campaigns immediately from their mobile device.
With this new mobile application, Vodafone also ends the complexity of physical brand loyalty cards in customers’ pockets and provides a convenient shopping platform combining digitalized loyalty cards within one application.
With the AVANTAJ CEPTE application, Vodafone subscribers;
• Will be able to use Vodafone exclusive advantages at partner brands, benefit from various sale opportunities and use brand loyalty cards
• Will see special advantages in predefined shopping zones and reach the benefits either from the nearest store or by clicking the link in the offer details
• Will be able to share their benefit as a gift to their friends and will be able to enjoy the shopping experience by using the convenience of Mobile Payment
VODAFONE RED subscribers can also benefit from the advantages that are available for all Vodafone subscribers. In addition, RED members, can access to the RED menu by one click and;
• Connect to Exclusive Customer Service Agents
• Benefit from Back Up Personal Assistance Service
• Get services by the Mobile Support Team
• Use various advantages during their travels from free airport lounge to car rental with discount
• Benefit from opportunities in various fields from food to cinema
• Benefit from special discounts in summer and winter based locations
Additional notes:
• All Vodafone users are able to download and enjoy the Vodafone AVANTAJ CEPTE application
• Vodafone RED members, can view RED exclusive offers and opportunities, participate to campaigns and benefit from advantageous offers
Vodafone AVANTAJ CEPTE mobile application is available for all Android 2.3.3 and higher versions.

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Tradesy Shopping – Discover pre-owned designer items at amazing prices.

Tradesy Shopping

Discover pre-owned designer items at amazing prices.

Tradesy Shopping screenshot 0Tradesy Shopping screenshot 1Tradesy Shopping screenshot 2Tradesy Shopping screenshot 3Tradesy Shopping screenshot 4Tradesy Shopping screenshot 5Tradesy Shopping screenshot 6Tradesy Shopping screenshot 7

The simple way to shop designer fashion at up to 90% off retail, hassle-free. With our new app you can now:

1. Browse your favorite designer brands
2. Message sellers about interesting items
3. Checkout when you find that perfect item
4. Keep up with the latest curated promotions
5. Track your purchase status after you order

Our promise to you: every item you purchase is authentic. If you’re concerned an item you bought isn’t, return it for free. We’ll verify whether it’s the real deal, and if it’s not, we’ll give you a full refund. Simple as that!

Tradesy is a curated marketplace where millions of women buy and sell fashion every month. We’re on a mission to bring trust and fairness to fashion, making great style affordable and accessible to everyone.

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Tictail – Welcome to Tictail – we love independent brands.


Welcome to Tictail – we love independent brands.

Tictail screenshot 0Tictail screenshot 1Tictail screenshot 2Tictail screenshot 3Tictail screenshot 4Tictail screenshot 5Tictail screenshot 6Tictail screenshot 7

Welcome to Tictail – we love independent brands.

With Tictail, you’ll find amazing products that aren’t available anywhere else, and you can even start building your very own brand right in the app.

Find unique products from up-and-coming talent in fashion, art, design and much more. Purchase something from one of our carefully curated collections, or go exploring on your own and find something completely new to share with friends (or to keep to yourself!)

With Tictail for mobile, shopping on your phone has never been more fun 🙂

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Tattooland – Download the Tattoo Land app.


Download the Tattoo Land app.

Tattooland screenshot 0Tattooland screenshot 1Tattooland screenshot 2

In our offer you will find several tattoo supplies for the professional tattoo artist. We offer a wide range of tattoo ink, tattoo machines, tattoo needles and various after-care products, but also for the complete design of your studio, you have come to the right place. We select our tattoo supplies accurately, so we can only offer the best range. Simple, fast and reliable make purchases? Be surprised by our large collection in our shop.

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Cakes N Craft – One stop shop for all your baking imaginationdesigner cakes in indore

Cakes N Craft

One stop shop for all your baking imaginationdesigner cakes in indore

Cakes N Craft screenshot 0Cakes N Craft screenshot 1Cakes N Craft screenshot 2

The only app which give you freedom to choose n design your cake

As our Tagline Say ” Baking your Imagination”

Solving Problems of not able to choose cakes for that Perfect occasion with assurance of quality is the Primary concern, Running from one store to the other to find the perfect cake or box of chocolates or anything for that matter is troublesome. Not being able to find what you were exactly looking for can be frustrating.

Our online App & Delivery system is one Stop solution to all your worries , Our delivery make this Happen highly convenient and quick manner. Whether you want it delivered in the middle of the day or the middle of the night, we are here to cater to your needs.

We at Cakes n craft offer a various items to Bring smile into your faces from Photo Cakes, Cakes on Demand, Designer cakes, Regular cakes, Flowers & chocolates, we have them all for you!

We are Been Awarded as Central India Best Quality Bakery by food Minister of M.P., along with Best bakery by Red FM, Mayor award for excellence in Our Work and Also have been awarded with India Lifestyle award for the Most innovative Cake shop.

Cakes n craft – is a popular destination for lovers of cakes, chocolates, pastries and cookies, with a presence in Indore & Bhopal with a target of 20+ Cities in this Year

We use only the finest and freshest ingredients in its products, with insistence on quality control at every stage of production, packaging and delivery.

Cakes n Craft Corporate tie ups & Membership is another milestone, We are the only bakery with inbuilt app for corporate discounts, which they can avail very conveniently.

Started in 2003 by the Jasmine & Manish Lulla, has excellence in Designing, Productivity & supply of Various cakes n flowers while maintaing excellent ethical standards and products, ensured that the move flourished.

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스타일닷컴 – Deuryeoyo find a life system every dayCollect updated daily by shopping malls sell


Deuryeoyo find a life system every dayCollect updated daily by shopping malls sell

스타일닷컴 screenshot 0스타일닷컴 screenshot 1스타일닷컴 screenshot 2스타일닷컴 screenshot 3스타일닷컴 screenshot 4스타일닷컴 screenshot 5스타일닷컴 screenshot 6

1. deuryeoyo find a life system every day
– Top Shop, New Collect updated daily

2. custom Cody trendy updated daily
– Situations, places, and coordinating daily updated daily for the season

3. Search time the goods of 1,000 Store
– At the mall, you can search over 1,000 products currently being sold at a time.

4. girlfriend, boyfriend deuryeoyo also find such life system
Female You can check with clothes, men’s clothes, women malls, shopping malls man men and women and gender.

5. “four portals N ‘ranking based on mall
– The aggregate number of shopping malls ranking search the last 30 days in the mall, “four portals N” (updated weekly)

6. Follow Favorite Shop features
– Follow the New Favorite Store will notify you when the update notification message and a timeline.

7. PC & mobile web and apps are supported.
– One ID PC & mobile web and apps can all be shopping for

8. Age Custom Shop
– By 10 shopping malls, 20 shopping malls, 20 shopping malls lender, 20 male mall, mall collection, age can be checked at a glance.

9. various categories
– Dresses, skirts, pants, shirts, jackets, etc. You can see a variety of products at once.

10. Women’s, men’s popular shopping mall
– Women’s Store: sixty-six Girls, Im assembly, called crazy, country girl, nanninggu, gogosing, Love Love US, Tongue sticking out shop, Little Black Fly Model
– Men’s Shop: Superstar Kids, AVO key, the control group shop, meotnam, according Mercy, Mr. Street, Man style, the little man, Tomo Sahib, four Nagaoka
– Together have made the best of cacao style, zig-zag, sense of style, style, Cher

Uncomfortable questions, your neighbor is the app (MY) 1: 1, please use the contact

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